Kluane Drilling Ltd. is a private Canadian company with more than 30 years of experience dedicated to providing high quality drilling services based on technical innovation and human talent.

We have an excellent team of people, who support our processes every day with their talent, commitment, training and experience and make it possible for us to work together to provide quality services and to continuously improve our organization.
We can drill
Kluane Drilling Ltd. is committed to the “Injury Free Meters” philosophy throughout its operations and has adopted internationally recognized safety standards such as OHSAS 18001, RUC, COR, among others, in each country where it operates in order to fulfill its commitment to the health and safety of all its workers.
All Kluane Drilling Ltd. personnel receive continuous training under international standards and best practices in the industry, with special emphasis on risk analysis and prevention, and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment.
Environment and social impact
Kluane Drilling Ltd. understands the importance of environmental care and good relations with the community and strives to ensure that its operations are carried out to the highest standards in a professional and responsible manner. The high mobility of our drills makes them easy to transport without the need for constructing access roads or modifying the surrounding landscape. The use of water is moderate and we use recirculation methods to reuse water and reduce consumption. Kluane Drilling Ltd. gives priority to direct employment of local labour and suppliers in the project area.
Kluane Drilling Ltd. uses a proprietary drill design using three small but powerful diesel engines which is characterized by being lightweight and highly mobile without sacrificing capacity. It operates a more efficient hydraulic energy transfer system that allows precise and adjustable rotation to drill any rock formation.
Modular components allow easy repair of drills and equipment in the field. Only the damaged part is removed and replaced while the drill continues working, minimizing downtime and maximizing production.